Premium Outdoor Tractor Covers

All-Over Fabric Tractor Covers.

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Premium Outdoor Tractor Covers.

First Edited, August 18th, 2019. | Last Edited, August 23rd, 2019.

These whole tractor outdoor-use protective covers have been designed to give a tailored fit. They are suitable if your tractor is in long term storage, or in every day use and can be used continuously outdoors as well as inside a barn or storage area. A lot of time went into choosing the fabric we use for these covers, the careful balance of waterproofing and breathability means that these covers can be used anywhere.

Some tractors have a cab as standard from the manufacturer, the cover we supply for these models will take this into account. We are aware that a few tractors have cabs that were not fitted originally by the manufacturer but instead are aftermarket additions done by a dealer or the purchaser. When we have already encountered this you may see that we list tractor models as With Cab and No Cab to make sure that you buy the correct cover. Otherwise the covers we are listing will only fit an original tractor, if you think your tractor has extensive aftermarket alterations it might be wise to talk to us first about which cover you need.

We always use breathable fabrics suitable for continuous outdoor use protecting against the freezing ravages of winter and the heat and Ultraviolet of summer. Elastication and a simple to use strap system holds the cover in place.

We are aware there are a few tractors with cabs or roll bars that were not fitted originally by the manufacturer but instead have aftermarket fitments done by a dealer or the purchaser. Our covers are designed to fit original tractors. The addition of large lights or mirrors will also change how well the cover fits. If you contact us we can talk this through with you and we can easily advise you whether the standard cover will fit (or alternatively we can tell you if you need to order a larger size of cover).

We make our covers without pockets for exhausts and air filters. The exhaust stack and (if applicable) air filter must be removed for the cover to fit. If you want to keep these in place we can add pockets. There is an extra charge per pocket. Please contact us BEFORE making your purchase if you require pockets as we will to post one to you with instruction on how to mark where any pockets are to be added. Once you have done this; post the cover back to us and the pocket(s) will be sewn in place. The charge for this is £50 for the first pocket and £35 for subsequent pockets added at the same time.

If your tractor has been fitted with a roll bar (ROPS) we are able to add a Velcro slot to the cover allowing it to cover the tractor with the roll bar in place. Once again we will need to send you instructions with your new cover. The cost of adding a Velcro slot is £90. As with adding pockets you will need to test fit a cover on the tractor with the roll bar removed and mark on the cover the correct position for the slot to be added.

Care for your classic tractor. Whether a restored tractor you have purchased or one you have labored lovingly to restore yourself, or one in original condition, what better way to ensure it remains protected!

NOTE: The fit of the cover can depend greatly on the track of the wheels. There are several ways the width of the track can be changed, from simply moving the front wheels wider on the tracking bar to turning the back wheels around to provide a wider width. The fit of the cover assumes minimum track of all wheels. It will fit over the tractor if the track is wider but may end up being tighter than our picture shows.