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Fabric tractor covers.

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First Edited, August 7th, 2019.

One question that almost every historic tractor owner will ask themselves at one time or another is 'do I need to cover my tractor'. Indeed why should you cover something that is designed to be used outdoors in all weathers?

Well the truth is (and every rusty tractor will testify to this) there are very few historical tractors that won't degrade with time and weather. Storing your tractor in a barn will help alleviate some of the deterioration but can open you up to new problems; animal faeces from the rafters or a lack of air circulation meaning your tractor rarely dries thoroughly.

If your tractor is stored outdoors your biggest worries have to be rain (and even more if your area suffers from acid rain), UV light (sunlight) and any environmental pollutants like tree sap if you happen to park under a tree.

If you are lucky enough to have a barn or shed to store your tractor in you can still suffer from all of the outdoor problems. Think of wind driven rain, leaky roofs and sunlight coming through windows or skylights. However the main problem for sheltered storage is the collection of dirt and dust (much of which is composed of animal excrement from birds, bats and rats).

Our answer is of course that you will always benefit from using a cover but we think you should always follow a few simple rules and use some commonsense along with your cover.

    REDmarble's tips for Cover Success
  1. Never use a completely waterproof cover, breathability is so important.
  2. Never put a cover on a wet and/or dirty tractor.
  3. Don't use a badly fitting cover. Get a cover tailored for your tractor.
  4. Always check under your cover and if you have a bit of condensation take the cover off on a nice day to let it dry.
  5. Having established that you should be using a cover; what sort of covers can we offer you.