Tractor Covers

Instructions on fitting and caring for your tractor cover.

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First Edited, August 7th, 2019. | Last Edited, August 13th, 2019.

Firstly, fitting the cover to your tractor

You may have noticed the cover is packed in its bag inside out. This is done on purpose to make fitting it easier.

Take the cover out of its bag and sort out the front from the back. On most covers this is quite obvious and the proof as they say is in the pudding, if you have trouble getting the cover to fit you might just have the back and the front mixed up.

Unroll the cover lengthways along the top of your tractor, pointing in the right direction. Once unrolled, if the sides haven't dropped down, pull them down and secure the hem using the sideways and lengthways underbody straps.

The straps are designed to be detachable on both sides. Plug them into the buckles and adjust by pulling tight.

To pack the cover back into its bag, simply reverse this procedure by folding the cover inwards first, and then rolling up.

To clean your cover

Use warm soapy water (dilute washing up liquid is fine) and gently sponge the cover down. Probably easiest done while in place on your tractor.

Don't put it in a washing machine! The fabric treatments will not withstand this.

If any oil or grease gets on the cover, a degreaser such as Gunk can be used.

It is best not to cover a dirty tractor, but if any dirt does get on the underside of the cover, again sponge it off with warm soapy water. Also, if your tractor is dirty, beware of the cover rubbing the dirt against your paintwork.